Erasmus + project


The idea about ,,Youthocracy” began during a training seminar in May 2014, when some of the current partners met, and later on discussed the possibilities for collaboration. Later on, the representatives from the applicant organization met the Italian partners during an Erasmus+ meeting and discussed their entry into the project. At the moment, it was identified a need to support young people with training and networking activities with focus on promoting youth development, non-formal education through a variety of creative approaches and methods as well as research and share of best practices among the partners, as well share of those practices with home based organizations  firstly in Macedonia, Austria and Italy. With Youthocracy vol. 2, as platform partners, joined Young Dragons from Slovenia and DOREA – Educational Institute from Cyprus.

Youthocracy has a mission to create and share best practices and methods for empowerment, engagement an activation for youth, through establishment of a network/web of European youth organizations that all work by using innovative, but different methods and approaches.

The desired objectives are:

– Stimulate and create coordinating body of 5 European youth organizations that will work together on creation, promotion and introduction of practices on topics such as: youth involvement in community development, experiences and best practices & provide training and non-formal education to youth. (as a follow up there will be efforts made in order to enlarge the network, thus promote various methods and approaches of youth work and best practices even more).

– Promotion and introduction of innovative methods and approaches related to non-formal education for youth, through usage of theatre, music, art, environment, social and economic issues and topics.

– Strengthen the capacity and increase the knowledge of youth workers across Europe – through creation of a web platform on which organizations from Macedonia, Austria, Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia will be invited to share their best practices related to youth work.