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How to become a member

Youthocracy has a mission to create and share best practices and methods for empowerment, engagement an activation for youth, through establishment of a network of European youth organizations that all work by using innovative, but different methods and approaches. The project strives towards achievement of sustainable change in support of youth development through additional non formal education for young people and networking opportunities for youth workers.

If your organization chooses to become part of the Youthocracy network, the only “obligation” will be to fill the documents “Consent for joining the Youthocracy network” and “Youthocracy form”(you can find the links to download this documents below). One is a consent for joining the Youthocracy network, and the other is a template document that you can fill with activities or projects, realized by your organizations, regarding youth.

If you wish to send more than one project or activity to be uploaded to the web page, feel free to duplicate the document “Youthocracy form”.

Download links:

Consent for joining the Youthocracy network

Youthocracy form

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