Marktgemeinde Lauterach is the local government of the village of Lauterach.
Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach (Open Youth Work Lauterach) is a department of the local government that works with the interests and issues of young people between 12 and 19 years. The association is non-commercial and politically unaffiliated. Aim of the association is the advancement of youth work as an additional contribution to youth education provided by schools and other youth-orientated associations. We provide opportunities and activities for young people to discover their own personal aims and limits especially regarding creativity and developing their own personality. Our work should support young people in the phase of adolescence and with the complex tasks of growing up.

To fulfill these tasks our association provides a youth centre where young people have the opportunity to socialise, do creative work or participate in all kind of workshops. We also set our focus on young people with migrant origin, young people with disabilities or educational shortcomings and young people facing poverty. We also provide gender specific youth work and offer a special programme for girls and boys.
Altogether we work with an inter professional team of five people of different backgrounds (youth workers, social workers etc.), trainees and also a team of young people who organise and help to organise parties and work in different projects.
We work in close cooperation with other organisations in the youth and social field on a local and regional level.