Youth Council Prilep (YCP) was founded in 1999 as a youth nongovernmental organization in Prilep, Macedonia focused on the Pelagonia region of Macedonia. YCP seeks to build the capacity of young people in a participative and sustainable manner.

Youth Council Prilep has consistently shown excellence in the youth field through its work in a wide variety of youth work. Youth Council Prilep, together with Youth Council Ohrid and HOPS, founded the Coalition of Youth organizations SEGA, the leading national umbrella group of youth organizations in Macedonia.

In 2016, Youth Council Prilep was awarded with the CIty of Prilep award “3th of November” for contribution and achievements in the field of Youth.

Youth Council Prilep is unique in the area because no other nongovernmental organization can mobilize as many young people. YCP not only provides services and opportunities for young people and volunteers, but actively seeks to involve them in the decision making processes of the organization. YCP seeks to positively impact to young people. The organization creates youth leaders by giving youngsters opportunities to build their capacities and make youth more competitive in society.

In short, Youth Council Prilep works for youth with youth.

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