The training course “Uniting youth for ecotourism” was organised by Youth and Environment Europe. It took place on 6-13 November 2017 in the ecological centre Kapraluv Mlyn, Ochoz u Brna, Czech Republic. There were 32 participants from 13 countries: Czech Republic, Armenia, Kosovo, Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Spain, Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

During the 2016 Annual Meeting several YEE member organisations expressed their interest in exploring the topic of ecotourism. Some members even pointed out the need to further develop this type of tourism in their countries. Moreover, ecotourism was identified as a current topic and a good way to promote active citizenship among young people. Ecotourism can connect different parts of communities and could therefore be an innovative approach for promoting youth participation.

The aim of this training course was to strengthen youth participation and active citizenship through ecotourism and related projects.

Representatives from Eco Logic were part of this training course and they actively participated in development of the publication “Uniting youth for ecotourism”.

In this booklet you can find out more about ecotourism: what it is, how it came to be and what its current data is. You can also find out more about the criteria and labels which are used in Europe for ecotourism business and projects. Another important aspect of any ecotourism activity is involvement of local communities – read more about community-based ecotourism. The second part of the booklet is filled with practical information and tips aimed to help young people who would like to start their own ecotourism activity. There are chapters on how to develop an idea, prepare a business plan, some tips for fundraising and promotion.
You can find the publication attached here and online.