As long as there have been wars, persecution, discrimination and intolerance, there have been refugees. They are of every race and religion and can be found in every part of the world. Forced to flee out of fear for their lives and liberty, they have often left everything behind, experienced terrible suffering and been separated from their families. In refugee camps they will find safety, but the living conditions are grim. In their asylum country, refugees are often victims of xenophobia. If, after years of exile, they are finally able to return home, their return is often to a country shattered by war. People in countries receiving the refugees have to adapt – build empathy and learn necessary skills/tools to be able to help refugees integrate in new societies.

International Cafe-Klatsch is workshop designed to improve participants’ intercultural communication skills and knowledge how to handle intercultural communication conflicts.

Each participants gets one piece of paper with a special instruction on how to talk (eg. without moving hands, without direct eye contact etc). Trainer gives a topic (eg. best vacation ever, craziest thing I have ever done etc), participants make random pairs and discuss about the topic while using their own paper/ instruction. People find another pair, trainer gives another topic and they start discussing again. etc. Debriefing of the activity.

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