The folklore group of the Association for Perspective Integration and Development ROMA PERSPECTIV – Prilep consisted of Roma pupils, had participated in the following two events:

  • 16th Roma jubilee folklore festival of Roma dances and songs, Jekipe – Edinstvo;
  • May Folklore Smotri

The first event was organized by an Ensemble of traditional Roma dances and songs “Rushit Shakir” – Kumanovo and was held at 08.05.2017 in Kumanovo, whereas the second event was organized by the Association Romano Ilo from Skopje, held at 03.06.2017 in Skopje.

Both events were for the young people, as well as representatives of institutions and organizations, as well as fans of folklore and on both events Roma folklore associations from several Macedonian cities have participated.

As a result of promoting the folklore group as a novelty in municipality of Prilep and with similar such collaborations, our association got invited to participate with the group on such events. The events were organized with the goal to promote and cherish the Roma folklore through such and similar future activities that involve young Roma people.

More information about the project you can find on the following link: