Min mapping workshop aims to teach participants how to read and produce mind maps. Participants learn the technique to build a map from start to finish and explore how to enhance ones map for memory and learning purposes.

Mapping your ideas is a creative way to organize one’s thinking. There are a range of tools such as concept maps, mind maps or idea maps. They can be used to organize the content and ideas in your thesis, structure a paper or report you need to write, prepare your lecture or presentation,or record brainstorming sessions.

Trainer/Facilitator introduces the concept of mind mapping and shows the example as well as answer the questions if there is any. Then participants are instructed to draw their own mind maps (15 min). After that each participant has few minutes to present its own mind

Instructions: How to make a mind map:

1. Start in the centre of a blank page turned sideways.
2.Use an image for your central idea – goal of yours
3. Use colours throughout.
4. Connect your main branches to the central image and connect your second and third level branches to the first and second levels,
5. Make the branches curved rather than straight-lined.
6. Use one word per line.
7. Use images throughout.
8. If you finish early, add drawings, other elements

More information about the project you can find on the following link: