“To hear, see and taste the world” is the name of a project which covers a variety of activities such as cooking foreign food, listening to foreign music and having a travelogue about the country. The aim of the travelogue is not to give the youngsters information about travelling but to show them different cultures and to rise awareness among them about the importance of multiculturalism.  In the travelogue differences and similarities of another culture are presented and a dialogue is promoted. With the travelogue the issues of discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices against different cultures, faiths and races are addressed.

When you travel you learn a lot about the country you travel, their people and culture, food and customs, you learn about the differences and similarities and you realize that we are actually not so different. That is also the aim of the project “To see, hear and taste the world” to promote tolerance and acceptance of different cultures with using all of our senses.