A properly planned project address the actual problem/need project managers/writers have found and seeks to solve this problem by implementing some kind of activities. The Problem analysis identifies the negative aspects of an existing situation and establishes
the “cause and effect”’ relationships between the problems that exist. Participants were making the problem tree.

The analysis is presented in diagram form showing effects of a problem on top and its causes underneath. Once complete, the problem tree represents a summary picture of the existing negative situation.

How to Establish a Problem Tree?

– Step 1: Identify major problems existing within a given situation (brainstorming).

– Step 2: Select an individual starter problem. Look for related problems to the starter problem.

– Step 3: Visualization of the problems in form of a diagram, called a “problem tree” or “hierarchy of problems”.

– Step 4: Establish hierarchy of cause and effects: problems which are directly causing the starter problems are put below; problems which are direct effects of the starter problem are put above.

– Step 5: Connect the problems with cause-effect arrows.
– Step 6: Review the diagram and verify its validity and completeness.

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