Plata“ is a traditional sport event in Ljubljana. The purpose of the event is to promote tolerance and coexistence and the importance of Fairplay. The main activity is the football tournament but there are different workshops during all day. It’s an event for the whole family, with music and barbecue.  All participants get a medal but just the best three teems are awarded with a prize. The slogan of the event is : “With football against discrimination”.

Zalog is a part of the capital city of Slovenia which is very remote so there are little possibilities for youngsters to participate in sports or other activities. Zalog is also a melting pot of different cultures because of immigrants that have find their home there.  ‘Plata’ is a whole day event, twice a year and it’s a good enrichment of everyday life in Zalog. It’s a chance for youngsters to get know each other, have fun and do sports or other activities that are going on during the whole day.

The purpose of ‘Plata’ is to promote healthy life style, fair play, encourage acceptance of different cultures and to enhance the relationships between different people in the local community. Youngsters have the chance to participate in the football tournament or help with the organisation of the event.

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