Unemployment is a major issue that Europe is confronting nowadays. Young entrepreneurs face great difficulties in starting their own business. It is not only the external environment that creates the chaos for young entrepreneurs but inner difficulties such as lack of self-confidence, lack of skills, insufficient leadership capabilities and similar issues.

The most important objective of the project “Coaching Young Entrepreneurs – Providing Support in Making the First Step” is to provide non-formal training to youth workers in order to enhance their capacities and skills to be able to motivate youth in taking the initiative of starting its own business and making a positive transition to the work field. The project addresses directly the issues of entrepreneurship, creativity and employability of young people in Europe and has a strong alignment with the objectives of the Erasmus Plus programme and its objectives.


The training course included several different working methods:

• Informal education methods and intercultural learning method (ice braking, brainstorms, role games etc) at the beginning of the training and as a part of the evening programme;

• Workshops and lectures, project ideas, Erasmus+ Programme /Youthpass session and cooperation with the 3rd countries;

• Panel discussions;

• Presentations;

• Group work on the project development;

• Inputs from experts;

• Intercultural and experiential learning.

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