The aim of Children’s Parliaments is to enable children to realize their rights guaranteed by international conventions, in particular the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, education for active and democratic citizenship and multiculturalism, which is of vital importance for the “promotion” of values such as human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity, and for the awareness of common values such as the respect for difference, tolerance and reasonable dialogue. The parliament is consisted from more than 200 primary schools from all over Slovenia.

The Children’s Parliament works in the form of meetings that enable participation of all primary school children. Meetings are held in elementary schools in class communities and at the school parliament. In each school pupils choose a delegation for the municipal children’s parliament. At the municipal children’s parliament they gather a delegation for the Regional Children’s Parliament, where representatives represent the interests of their peers at the National Children’s Parliament, which takes place in the National Assembly Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Children’s Parliament was created on the initiative of the pupils in order to be able to speak publicly, present their opinions, ideas, dilemmas about issues that are important during the growing up in the environment where they live, study or spend their free time. In addition, they expect the attention of the school, as well as local authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, who need to listen to youth initiatives.

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