In the period from 20 – 26 December, Eco Logic organized the third part of the workshops for Social Entrepreneurship. In the following public high schools, the workshops were held:

–          “Vasil Antevski – Dren” – Skopje;

–          “Mihajlo Pupin” – Skopje and

–          “Georgi Dimitrov” – Skopje.

The main aim of the project is increasing the awareness among youngsters about the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and its potential to influence on solving community issues, improving social conditions, impelling changes in societies and decreasing unemployment between young people.

On the third workshop, the students, divided in two teams, had a chance to discuss certain values in a systematic way considering different aspects that might affect the Social Entrepreneurship.  The participants decided to discuss the topics “Education” and “Awareness” and through team discussion they determined benefits and challenges and understood their impact from four different aspects: political, economic, environmental and social. The discussion was done using the Value Booster Tool, developed by Ecologic in the frames of the Project “European Values through European Intelligence”.

The project was supported by the City of Skopje, Macedonia.