Name of organisation/institution:
Eco Logic

Type of structure:

Skopje, R.Macedonia

Short description:

Eco Logic and the Local community of Bogomila organized an ECO WEEKEND in order to celebrate the Earth day.

The first day started with waste cleaning action in which the students from the elementary school “Petar Pop Arsov” took part. Next, we had many interesting activities for all citizens of Bogomila, such as: football, table tennis, educational board games related to ecology, and many, many more …

The first day continued by premier show of the documentary film for the village Bogomila, named “VODOMILA”, produced by the organization Kadar. This movie examines the problem with polluted drinking water in this village, as well as the main reasons and relevant stakeholders.

On the second day we had a hiking tour in the nearby mountains together with many kids and adults from the village. During our walk we had some very productive discussions on ecology.

So, to sum up: We had an EXCELLENT weekend which of course would have never been realized without the participation of both, youngsters and adults!

Target group:
Children and adults

Age of participants:
7 – 77 years old

Issues address:
The main issue addressed with this activity was to show children that cycling can be interesting and fun and also very useful means of transport in a densely populated city.

The main objective with this event was to raise the awareness of the citizens about the importance of conserving our environment, by organizing a cleaning event in the village Bogomila, playing educational board games, hiking tour and also by showing a movie related to the local environmental issues.

Impacts on youngsters:
Overall the children had a lot of fun and since there were 5 schools, the children had the chance to socialize with children from 5 different schools.

The children learnt how to commit themselves into the protection of their own living space, but in the same time they had a plenty of activities that amused them and brought them a lot of fun!

Local community of Bogomila, organization Kadar

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