This is the first educational board game in Macedonia, where the main subject is cycling.

It is intended for children, from primary education, age 8 and up.

The main goal of the game is to make paths and collect all bike parts that are missing. Those parts can be found on the playing platform. But that just half of the job. The second part is to visit various different places, also placed on the playing platform. Missing bicycle parts and places to visit are written on cards that you randomly choose when the game starts.  What makes the game interesting is that the platform is constantly moving. With each collected bicycle part or a place visited,  you will receive a card with interesting information and facts related to the fields of the platform.

However, it is not so easy as it sounds!

Paths that you will create, may not suit the other players. But also paths who are created by other players can slow your movement through the platform.

The game was created by the team of Eco Logic.


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