Did you know that at the same time you can have fun and learn something new? Now you can do all that in our Eco Neighborhood, which will teach you a lot of new things through a very interesting and fun way. All you need to do is roll the dice and move your pawn according to the dice number.

In our Eco Neighborhood the most important thing is building a clean environment, so moving through the streets you will have the opportunity to use different means of transport and find out their pros and cons, but be careful, you can get stuck in a traffic jam! On your way to the finish line, every time you step on the Eco Fact field you will find out new and interesting information about renewable energy sources, and why it’s important to wisely spend the electrical energy! Our Eco Neighborhood will show you where to move to find out the importance of protecting our environment and how we can contribute to the protection of the Planet.

On the way to the finish line, you will find out new things and challenges. Some of the fields will move you forward, but some will move you back. Also, you will have the opportunity to invest you hard earned points in order to save energy through energy efficient light bulbs, energy efficient windows, solar panels and isolation for your home. The road to your goal is filled with lots of interaction and fun.

Download: eko-maalo