As we all know the ecosystem of the Earth is in a problematic state. One reason lies in the huge increase in numbers of residents, especially in this century. The impact of more people on Earth is more than obvious, consumption, or rather the irrational use of resources is more common.

Industry growth and production has led to increased uptake and use of coal and oil, and consequently to the increased amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gasses. In undeveloped and poor countries, the continuing population growth presents an enormous pressure on the environment and on society. In these countries, poor farmers are forced to survive through the sale of timber, or by cutting and burning of forests. During this process, we lose vast areas of forests, regions that no longer have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, regions that will no longer be able to represent homes to many plant and animal species.

All of this is happens because of us humans. The more of us – humans, the greater the danger of destroying the Earth. We need balance, we need something that will unite the society, economy, and environment.

We need a concept called sustainable development

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