Name of organisation/institution:
Offene Jugendarbeit Dornbirn – OJAD

Type of structure:
Youth centre/club

Austria / Vorarlberg

Short description:
„Rund um xund“ is a project about health and well-being in a creative way. It offers places and opportunities for young people to increase life balance and satisfaction. Topics of this project are food (nutritional advice), cooking, moving, gardening, exercise and different workshops for individual well-being. We want to excite the youngsters to think about their health and show them different ways to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Target group:

Age of participants:
11 – 25 years old

Methods used:
Some of the Methods we are using: cooking – We cook a lot with the youngsters, for example in the youth club. Youngsters can eat cheap and healthy lunch two days a week in the youth club. We cook with youngsters for bands who are playing in the youth center.  We published 3 cooking books with recipes, nutrition tips for youngsters and information about the project. We built a garden and started with gardening and grow some vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  We offer some sports activities like basketball, football, table tennis, street workout,… Other methods are workshops about life balance and well-being

The term “health” has probably a negative connotation for many people, and especially among young people. It often includes a “you must give up something you like” or is linked to a sentence like “you should do this or don’t do that”. The OJAD wanted to try a different way and work with openness, fun and environment oriented methods.

Issues address:
It´s important to make health promotion available for all young people. In the open youth work we also work with young people who have little access to health promotion services and are exposed to particular health risks.


  • Increase the nutritional awareness and the ability to enjoy
  • Offer exercise programs to reach those young people who do not participate in official team sports.
  • Increase the individual well-being and strengthen life skills

Impacts on youngsters:
Teenagers have the opportunity to reflect on their attitude and are able to change their behavior if wanted. Young people learn new skills like cooking, gardening,…

Impacts on the organization:
Knowledge expansion

– aks gesundheit GmbH Vorarlberg (,
– Südwind (

– Fonds Gesundes Österreich,
– Stadt Dornbirn

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Contact information:
Offene Jugendarbeit Dornbirn
DSA Cornelia Reibnegger, MA
+43 676 83650 835
Schlachthausstraße 11
6850, Dornbirn