The Open Youth Work Rankweil has different offers for young people between 11 and 26 years. The main offer or you can say the core is the so-called “Offener Betrieb/Open Service”. Two times a week it is open for everyone from the age of 11. During this offer, the youngsters can use the youth center to play table-football, billiard, PlayStation, use free W-LAN, buy cheap drinks and food and many more things. From time to time, there is also a second offer during the Open Service. These could be handicraft work, a little table-tennis tournament or a workshop about a specific topic.
The youth workers try to get in contact with the youngsters to establish a relationship between them. If we have a good relationship with the permanent visitors it is possible to work in project forms with different content. This could be projects in the field of youth culture, issues of the puberty, sports activities and much more.
The main thing is to give the young people space and time for their topics and it is enormously important to work with the youngsters on a level playing field. Also important is that the visitors don’t have to sign in when they come for using an offer. In our perspective are these two reasons very important for the acceptance of the offerings by the youngsters.