Name of organization/institution:
Autonomes Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Between

Type of structure:
Youth center/club


Short description:

Since the mid-80s the youth center “Between” is an important institution for young people and artists in the city of Bregenz. Located quite central of the town it is focusing on youth work and cultural activities and gives space for young people to develop and perform. The venue is well known for its youth cultural activities and inclusive approaches beyond the Austrian borders

Target group:
Youngsters, young adults, disadvantaged people

Methods used:
This youth center “Between” gives space to youngsters, young grownups and underprivileged people to participate and develop. The youth workers promote individual and social developments and try to prevent and abolish discrimination and disadvantage. The focus is on the socialisation of young people and prevention.

Practical arrangements used:
Human resources:
A team of 6 professional workers, including social workers, youth workers, sex educationists, experts in participation, social pedagogues, educators.
Spatial resources:
Youth Café, Concert Room, Rehearsal Room, Workshop Room, Job-Office, Office, Workshop   

Issues address:

  • Youth work
  • Intercultural youth work
  • Gender-specific youth work
  • Youth social work
  • Political education


  • Participation and autonomy
  • Spontaneousness
  • Low-threshold-approaches
  • Tolerance
  • Lobbying for young people
  • Networking

Impacts on youngsters:

  • Personal development (independence, individual responsibility and empowerment trough social, political, cultural, personal, gender and intercultural competences)
  • Decision making
  • Identity development
  • Social participation (social inclusion and equality)

Partners: Eventbegleitung Taktischklug –, Koordinationsbüro für Offene Jugendarbeit und Entwicklung (koje) –, Jugendservice Bregenz –

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Contact information:
Autonomes Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Between
Bahnhofstraße 47
6900 Bregenz
Tel.: 0043 (0) 660 – 70 90 613