The Mola Casanova Center is a CEA (Environmental Experience Center) amid the charming scenery of the Tiber River Park.

The center is housed in an old water mill. After years of neglect the City of Umbertide has renovated and is now a center for renewable energy and sustainability located next to the hydroelectric plant on the river Tiber. The mill dates from 1500 and has been functioning until the ’60s.Visiting the structure gets a blast from the past, rediscovering a trade disappeared today, that the miller.
Adjacent to the botanical garden, in the garden, a wind-solar hybrid system has been installed with a battery storage system.
All this makes Casanova Mola one of the few Italian centers as it combines renewable energies in a truly fascinating structure and rich in history.
Activities at the center are co-participate and shared with the Municipal Authority and are all intended to train and educate citizens to adopt sustainable lifestyles, to act consciously.
Education is the best tool to stimulate the community (family, children, citizens) to take action in their own living environment being aware of the links between local and global, between the present and the future that allow you to work today in its territory for the sustainability of tomorrow for the whole planet.

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