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Hera is  working towards a society where young people will have access to relevant information based on the scientific data which will improve their sexual and reproductive health, their personal development but also will teach them to respect diversity. Through our pilot program for non formal comprehensive sexual education HERA provides this information to young people.  Peer educators are certified and they implement the program in the schools and out of schools. The seven components of the program are Gender, Sexual and reproductive health, Human rights, Relationships, Pleasure, Violence and Diversity. A manual for peer educators on comprehensive sexual education was developed and the evaluation from 2015 shows positive results of the pilot program.

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Methods used:
Hera provides non formal CSE through peer educations in the schools, which are based on 7 components 12 sessions and 3 weeks time. The program could aslo be implemented with peer educations through trainings based on 7 components, 12 sessions in 3 days. Both methods are implemented by 2 certified peer educators in front of a group of 20 -25 students or young people. The method is teaching through interactive sessions with activities for each component.

Practical arrangements used:
Manual on peer education for comprehensive sexual education, indoors, questionnaires for evaluation, flipcharts, markers, papers etc .

Young people in Macedonia still do not have relevant source of information regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. Still internet is the main source where the young people are getting the information and most of the time these information are not relevant or not based on the scientific data. In the same time within the formal school system, the information regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights are still lacking.  As results of the situation with the education and the lack of relevant information, the health indicators are also not having any improvement. This situation can be reflected with the data about the use of modern contraceptives among young people. Among two Multi Cluster indicator Surveys (conducted by UNICEF office in Skopje in 2005 and 2012) there were not any significant change of contraception use among young girls, and still in Macedonia only 1.3% of girls aged 19-26 are using pills as a mean of contraception. HERA and the Centar for vocational education and training on the Access to SRHR information in primary and secondary schools conducted among students and teachers. The main findings showed that:
-still most of the information on SRHR is provided on the biology subject with very little coverage on condom use and oral contraception
–   Around 40% of the students stated that the subject Life skills education is implemented in their schools, providing very little info on condoms ( 12%), and (3%) oral contraception.
In addition, more thoroughly picture of the situation with the sexual and reproductive health of young people in Macedonia could not be given due to the fact that there is not reliable statistics (for example numbers of infections with sexual transmission infections) in the country.  

Issues address:
We address the sexual and reproductive health of the youth, the access to information, and the need for comprehensive sexual education. Currently, our work is mostly in Skopje.

To increase engagement of youth volunteers as providers of non-formal comprehensive sexual education.

Impacts on youngsters:
More than 100 students have passed the 7 components of the non formal comprehensive sexual education from 2015. The evaluation shows that there are positive changes in their attitudes and knowledge from the seven components of the program.

Impacts on the organization:
Currently, has 24 certified peer educators on comprehensive sexual education that are providing the non formal program

Other impacts:
Schools by signing a MoU can get the program as their project activity

– Partners: Schools, teachers, volunteers, peer educators, the youth platform for comprehensive sexual education

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