Name of organisation/institution:
Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach/Open Youth Work Lauterach

Type of structure:
Youth centre/club

Vorarlberg, Austria

Short description:
In the “girls´ afternoon” girls can stay in a protected area (rooms), where they don´t feel disturbed. They are able to explore new things and get to know their own strength and weaknesses. There are different afternoons with different objectives.   

Target group:
Girls in the youth club, every girl, who is interested. Girls with different migration backgrounds, different education, different family background, and refugees.

Age of participants:
10-19 years old

Methods used:

  • to plan and create the afternoons – focus is on the participation.
  • cook and eat together – they can connect without speaking. It should make it easier to get in contact and to support the cooperation.
  • be creative (e.g. work with wood) – they get the chance to learn new things and to work with different materials like wood. They can break out of the “typical female stereotypes”.
  • Plan a trip – Learn to organise a trip (time management, planning, social skills, from idea implementation, …). à the girls break out of the consumer behaviour and get active.
  • assertiveness training – to learn self-perception, self-confidence, self-assertion, self-efficacy, self-defense and courage

Practical arrangements used:
Protected area to meet, play, being creative, chill, cook, etc. and a computer to plan and to make research.

Typical female stereotypes (sensitive, careful, emotional, …) and typical male stereotypes (brave, rational, objectively, …)  exist in our society. In the „girls´ afternoon“ the youth workers want to break up these stereotypical roles.

Issues address:
Stereotypes, Diversity, Ascribed roles, Self-determination

Support the girls to find their own identity, to disintegrate discrimination and prejudices, orientation on girl’s needs, gender mainstreaming

Impacts on youngsters:
Girls have a meaningful leisure activity and learn something (informal learning)
Girls feel their needs and stand up for them
Girls are getting more self-confident
Girls get in contact with other girls or other groups
Personality and identity development

Impacts on the organization:
To get in contact with more girls and girl groups
The parents talk in a positive way about the youth work
Social participation (equity, social inclusion)

Web link with the activity:

Contact information:
Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach
Hofsteigstraße 2a
6923 Lauterach
Tel. +43(0)6649642341