Name of organisation/institution:
Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach/Open Youth Work Lauterach

Type of structure:
Youth centre/club

Vorarlberg, Austria

Short description:
Open Youth Work is cooperating with the local school (secondary modern school) and provides violence prevention workshops. Violence is a big topic for youngsters. A lot of them are victims of other pupils or exert violence to others. In the violence prevention workshops, the youth workers focus on self-reflection. In the workshop, pupils develop and reflect individual strategies to cope with feelings like frustration and aggression. The pupils deal with different forms of violence and get sensitised about this topic.

Target group:
School classes, groups of apprentices, groups in the youth club

Age of participants:
10-19 years old

Methods used:
By using several youth-friendly methods the youngsters are getting sensitised for violence. Icebreaker games, group-dynamic activities, group work and discussion are used methods which help the pupils to reflect their own habits, deal the right way in conflict situations and learn new strategies to prevent violence.

Practical arrangements used:
Neutral room (no classroom), chairs in a circle, flip chart

In Austria one out of four boys is hit, pushed, bullied or beaten up at least two times every month (direct experience of violence) by other pupils in the last half year. Every third boy has been the offended others at least twice in the last half year. 23,9 percent of the pupils report that they have been victims of verbal attacks and 17,6 percent came out as offenders.
The youth workers sensitise the pupils about this situation and offer a low threshold and locally based service for youngsters that are victims of attacks.

Issues address:
Debate about violence and different forms of violence
Giving youngsters new ways for coping with feelings like aggression and frustration to prevent violence.
Talking about violence to take it out of the taboo area.
Reflecting own prejudices and their consequences.


  • Self-reflection
  • Rising awareness and information
  • Extend the own repertoire of coping strategies
  • Facilitate the access to social services

Impacts on youngsters:
Youngsters learn new ways for coping with feelings like aggression and frustration
Youngsters learn about local low threshold consultation services.
Improvement of class community
Youngsters feel their needs and stand up for them in an adequate way
Youngsters are getting more self-confident
Raising the ability to handle conflicts
Raising the ability to act

Impacts on the organization:
Pupils experience youth workers as professional contact persons.
Teachers experience youth workers as professional contact persons.

Partners: Local secondary modern school

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Contact information:
Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach
Hofsteigstraße 2a
6923 Lauterach
Tel. +43(0)6649642341