Name of organisation/institution:
Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach/Open Youth Work Lauterach

Type of structure:
Youth centre/club

Vorarlberg, Austria

Short description:
The main part of the project is the use of an oversized book which is used as a documentary of all activities, trips and events of the organisation. It should be a tool for documentation and also an instrument for youngsters to help them to reflect on their experiences.

Target group:
Youngsters who are visiting the youth club

Age of participants:
10-12 years old

Methods used:
In January before the first activities of the year start we make are organising a workshop to build an oversized book with empty pages. After finishing the book, it gets a popular place in the institution where it is accessible for everyone. On every event, workshop or activity a lot of photos are made. The best photos are collected as a collage and glued into the book by the youngsters. Step by step the pages of the book are filled. The youngsters are invited to be creative and draw or write comments into the book. Thumbing through the book gives the youngsters the possibility to reflect on events and activities in the past. Additionally, youth workers are called upon to support the reflection process by asking motivational questions.

Practical arrangements used:
Material to build the book: Screws, hinge-joint, cordless screwdriver, wooden plates, thick drawing paper A2, material to decorate the book individually in a creative way.

For informal learning processes, reflection is very important. The BigBook gives a youth-friendly possibility for youngsters to reflect what they have done.

Issues address:
Informal learning

Reflection of activities
Documentation of activities

Impacts on youngsters:
Stimulate informal learning processes

Impacts on the organization:
Extensive and impressing documentation which can be used to inform stakeholders and politicians about the work.

Web link with the activity:

Contact information:
Offene Jugendarbeit Lauterach
Hofsteigstraße 2a
6923 Lauterach
Tel. +43(0)6649642341