Name of organisation/institution:
CSC San Francesco

Type of structure:

Umbria, Italy

Short description:
OFF camera oxidation workshop

Target group:
From students secondary school to adults

Age of participants:
9 – 16 years old

Methods used:
Oxidation in traditional photography is the chemical reaction of the development on the silver salts darkened by the light.
– Take an object you would like to impress in a photographic paper.
– In 4 different basins put developer, bath (only water), fixer and finish bath (only water).
– If you want the impression WHITE put the photo paper in the FIXER for first (PIC 1).
– If you want the impression BLACK put the photo paper in the DEVELOPER for first (PIC 2).
– From here there are billions of intermediate variations, depending on the different dilutions of acids or the exposition to the light.

Practical arrangements used:
Photo paper, Developer, Fixer, Any object, water, basins.

This project contributes to encourage personal creativity, imagination and  expression in a context of investigation, documentation and  knowledge of the landscape. Give to the participants the basis to develop photos without the use of the cameras.  Understand the importance of light, chemical products and timing in the developing of photos. Understand the oxidation process. Learning about techniques of representation and documentation of reality in an experimental way.
It also contributes to approach to chemistry in a non-formal way, using unusual tools and learning by doing.

Issues address:
Environment, media, chemistry, photography

Teach photography and history of photography
Approach to chemistry activity
Learn about techniques of representation and documentation of reality in an experimental way.

Impacts on youngsters:
Was very interesting how they approach to chemistry rules and process without really thinking that they were acting like a chemist but like a photographer.

Impacts on the organization:
Through the organisation of a big exhibition a huge part of the local community was informed about this project that we run for 4 month with the local schools and in some occasion with adults.

Partners: Schools, other youth organisation, municipality, local community, photographers

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