Name of organisation/institution:
Project Growing Up

Type of structure:

The Netherlands

Short description:
Project Growing Up is a non-profit organization that strives for educating and empowering youth in developing countries, focusing on challenging topics associated with growing up. We believe that knowledge ant the way of teaching is the key. By reaching out to youth into their own values, traditions and culture they van use this knowledge and power to deal with difficult situations while growing up.

Target group:
Youth in developing countries.

Age of participants:
10 – 25 years old

Methods used:
Each meeting has educational parts, group activities and individual assignments. These three didactics will vary to keep the students keen and motivated. By means of this curriculum the students will learn how to put the theory into practice and apply in their daily and/or future life.
The atmosphere of out meetings is vital as we want our children to feel safe. We try to make out students comfortable and provide even more open atmosphere.

Practical arrangements used:
We use different kind of working sheets that fit the topics we teach. We use sport equipment, food, all contraceptives, creative art materials, puzzles.

Sexual education is the main topic we teach and healthy lifestyle. All with the goal to empower youth with difficult topics while growing up.

Issues address:
Cultural and religion are the most difficulties we found. We design our lesson materials in a way they fit into the culture.


Impacts on youngsters:
Feel free to talk about difficult topics. They have more knowledge about topics they don’t teach in school or talk about at home.

Impacts on the organization:
We are venerable because we need to change our training all the time. Sexuality is a sensitive topic. We always have to do research before we can start a project somewhere.

Partners: Schools, orphanages.
Supporters: All kind of businesses, individuals, travel organisations, dutch NGO’s that work with youth.

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Contact information:

Contact person: Marieke van Irsel