Name of organisation/institution:
CSC San Francesco

Type of structure:

Umbria, Italy

Short description:
QR Code for the Park of Trasimeno

Target group:
Students of primary and secondary school

Age of participants:
9-16 years old

Methods used:
Use of a game-software to introduce botany to the students realised by the University of Trieste in collaboration with some Italian NGOs.
After the introduction we moved with the pupils in the park trying to recognize the trees in base of their leaves as described in the software guide.
After it we elaborated some technical sheets that we uploaded in QR code server.
Once we verify the correct use of the QR with smartphones and pad, we proceed to fix the plasticized QR in the different trees.

Practical arrangements used:
Smartphone, PC, camera, tools to fix QR code plasticized in the trees, game software.

We felt the need to spread information about the biodiversity present in our environment, creating guides and organizing hunt game with smartphones and pads.

Issues address:
Environment, botany, biodiversity, ict.

Sensitize on the respect for the  environment
Create guides and game focused on botany information

Impacts on youngsters:
Remarkable, they enjoyed a lot all the phases oft he activity: study through software-game, explore the park and recognition of the trees, creation of informative sheets, creation of QR.

Impacts on the organization:
This activities increased the image oft he organisation, and allow us to work with several private and public entities, professionals in the field of botany and ICT.

Partners: Schools, other youth organisation, municipality, local community
Supporters: Ministerial project

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