Name of organisation/institution:
CSC San Francesco

Type of structure:

Umbria, Italy

Short description:
Environmental and sustainable development education „The human price of a smartphone“

Target group:
Pupils and youth community

Age of participants:
12 – 18 years old

Methods used:
– Organizing conferences and publishing activities (book “Manuale dei Mammiferi”)
– The purchase of HD, SW, various computer equipment for testing of the project;
– Education and territorial seminars with teachers from schools throughout the school year;
– Water bio-monitoring laboratories, air, ozone, biodiversity, light pollution … have involved many experts in schools and outside;
– On line training course for teachers and educators
Laboratories in schools which joined the Project and conduct of required surveys (Bio-monitoring lichens, macro-invertebrates, “tabacchine” for ozone, etc.). Mentoring Moments from the project operators to teachers and students.

Practical arrangements used:
Scientific kit for bio monitoring of water, air and fiels. Laptops, internet, scientific form as in the image example.

The need to safeguard the environment and natural resources that all the peoples of the world need to exist was finally ratified at International Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), organized by the UN in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. On that occasion was, among others, drafted the “Agenda 21” document that contains a long list commitments that governments around the world must take to achieve sustainable development, the only possible way to guarantee a future to humanity

Issues address:
Pollution, environmental education, change of behaviors, importance of the knowledge of your territory, study of natural resources

An information and environmental education campaign, which takes into account the indications of the Rio Conference, may lead locally to concrete applications subdividing the environment into its components: water, air, soil, production, recycling, etc.
One of the objectives of environmental education: preparing youth to participate in “our” society. The project provides an opportunity for students to feel part of a community where all participate as investigators and researchers at various levels with the experience and knowledge. The community includes children and youth of all ages, teachers, adults and institutions.

Impacts on youngsters:
Very strong overall for the tools we created and the competences they developed in environmental control and analysis

Impacts on the organization:
Very good thanks tot he multiple collaboration we created. We worked at regional and also national level.

Partners: Schools, other youth organisation, municipality, local community
Supporters: By our selves, bank foundation for the publications and the realization of the website.

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