Name of organisation/institution:
CSC San Francesco

Type of structure:

Umbria, Italy

Short description:
Environmental and sustainable development education „The human price of a smartphone“

Target group:
Pupils and youth community

Age of participants:
12 – 18 years old

Methods used:
Sustainable development and sensitize youth on the impact of a smartphone in foreigners community
The invisible wars and the violations of human rights to control resources used to make smartphone and PC.  One of the materials is COLTAN, a black sand, a little bit radioactive, composed by minerals like colombite e tantalite, from them we can extract tantalum, a rare metal, used like dust to make mobiles, pc and airplanes, because it increases the battery power. Our PC, smartphone, Mp3 works thanks to those « conflict minerals ».
Study of minerals and chemical workshop. Activities of research, study, manipulation of material and object.
We collected in the town several smartphone unused to send them to special company to be recycled, we promoted the behavior to recycle and reuse.

Practical arrangements used:
Smartphone, minerals, pc google heart, camera, special container for electronic material unused.

We want to show you to the new generation the importance of “what they buy”, where is produced, how. The impact of the use of some object in our health and in our life.

Issues address:
Child exploitation, fair trades, human rights, environmental disasters

Sensitize the new generation on the impact of an object like smartphone in the society from social, economic, environmental and healthy point of view. “If you don’t understand things, you can’t change things”, we want to make the guys aware of the background  of something that they use everyday, so they can change their habits.

Impacts on youngsters:
Remarkable, but is a not easy activities, because of the importance of the object choosen, the smartphone is fort hem something vital.

Impacts on the organization:
Not so important but we established several collaboration with the local community.

Partners: Schools, other youth organisation, municipality, local community
Supporters: By our selves

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