Name of organisation/institution:
CSC San Francesco

Type of structure:

Umbria, Italy

Short description:
Environmental and sustainable development education through comics

Target group:
Pupils, Primary and Seconary school

Age of participants:
8-16 years old

Methods used:
Video presentation about the journey of a t-shirt.
Introduction to textile plants, study and use of them during workshop.
Explanation and use of ancient textile tools. From the plants tot he fibers.
After the practical section the workshop is developed to create comics. An artist draw for us a comics, without text and we give it in black and withe to the participants to create it, adding drawings, but also decorating it with other material apart colors.
At the end of the year we created an exhibition in which we collected all the artworks made by the participants. We set-up a collaboration with an Indian Company who produce t-shirts using biologic cotton with an ethic approach, in which don’t work any children „slave“.

Practical arrangements used:
Textile plants, specific tools in wood to work the, papers, colors, the comics, video presentation. 

We want to show you to the new generation the importance of “what they buy”, where is produced, how. We sensitize them to have a more fair approach and always ask them selves from where came the products they buy!

Issues address:
Child exploitation, fair trades, human rights.

Sensitize the new generation on their shopping, for what concerns clothes and also food.

Impacts on youngsters:
Strong, the best was to hear from a pupil: „Please dad buy this t-shirt, no one children worked to produce it“

Impacts on the organization:
Very strong, for what concerns the relationship with other organisations and school, an added value is represented by the collaboration with the Indian Company run by group of women.

Partners: Schools, other youth organisation, municipality

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