Name of organisation/institution:

Type of structure:

Prilep, R.Macedonia

Short description:
We are organisation in which meetings we have a strong team work, we collaborate with other organisations, we activate the youth people to think creatively and we induce /encourage the creative side of youth people.

Target group:
Roma people and others

Age of participants:
18-31 years old

Methods used:
We are working with Roma people and we use different methods in their inclusion in the social life, education and culture. We are collecting information about the children who are not visiting school, who have financial family issues etc. We are organizing humanitarian activities once a month to help families with clothes and food that we can give as a Organisation.

Practical arrangements used:
We have our own office space with full equipment of computers and other office tools that we need.

In the Municipality of Prilep, the exchange of the youth experience and positive knowledge about the different fields between Roma People and the others, can be improved by opening Youth educational and cultural center. All of that can be in a great use of the young people in Prilep, and the youth can enlarge the knowledge about the new positive experiences and the time that they can pass there, can be very useful for their informal education.  

Issues address:
 The issues are addressed on the youth people in Prilep. Because in Prilep we don’t have a youth cultural center where the youth people can gather and have a space to learn and to share things that they learned, or to organize their own training or competitions or exchanges etc. Also this center can be used by organizations for their own aims, for example, for training with diverse groups of people etc.

– Increasing the collaboration between young people for positive examples in the society
– Promotion and organizing of the values between the young Roma people and others in Municipality of Prilep.

Impacts on youngsters:
Young people will have their own space where to be with other young people, to meet new people, to share their stories etc.

Impacts on the organization:
Organisation will be in the back of all this project and can help to the center to stay clean and clear so everyone can use it in good conditions.

Supporters: Local Government, Municipality of Prilep

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