Name of organisation/institution:
Eco Logic

Type of structure:

Skopje, R.Macedonia

Short description:
Bike Rodeo is a cycling event meant for children from elementary schools. It was realized in September 2015, as part of the European mobility week. A set of cycling “challenges” are lined up in order to form a cycling path with obstacles, where children pass through them without making any mistake and as fast as they can. Some of the obstacles are made from wooden boards and some are drown on the field. Five teams from five elementary schools participated in this event.  The teams were mixed male and female pupils, age between 10 and 14 years. In total duration of ninety minutes the participants successfully managed to complete the challenge consisted of nine bicycle exercises, showed great team spirit and deservedly received gifts from the sponsors.

Target group:

Age of participants:
10 – 14 years old

Methods used:
Bike Rodeo is an innovative method to promote cycling to children as an activity that they can do in their spare time, and consequently to use cycling as a means of urban transport or even as a sport.

Practical arrangements used:
An open area where the exercises can be placed, timber for building the exercises, bicycles, cycling helmets, spray paint for drawing some of the exercises, sponsors.

Eco Logic was realizing a cycling project in several elementary schools in Skopje, Macedonia. As part of the activities within the European Mobility Week, Eco Logic’s team organized the educational – competitive event “Bike Rodeo”.

Issues address:
The main issue addressed with this activity was to show children that cycling can be interesting and fun and also very useful means of transport in a densely populated city.

The main objective with this event was to raise the children’s awareness about cycling and its benefits to them, their physical and mental health and overall to the environment.

Impacts on youngsters:
Overall the children had a lot of fun and since there were 5 schools, the children had the chance to socialize with children from 5 different schools.

Impacts on the organization:
The success of the event was huge and led the team of Eco Logic to organize two more, one in Kocani, a smaller city in central Macedonia, and another one in Skopje.

Supporters: Outdoor Mk, EU Info Center, Vitalia, Nesquik and Nescafe

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