Association “NOVUS” is active at the local, regional and national level, is aimed at improving and raising the social status and awareness of the citizens and youth, with special emphasis on the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution, laws and international treaties and conventions, as well as running the social-economic policies whose main goal is to solve social and economic problems of vulnerable social groups. Also main focus of the Association “NOVUS” is to promote European values and principles.


– Encourage the business sector to intensify cooperation and relationship with young
– Improving and increasing the intellectual capacity of young
– Improving the social and economic situation of citizens
– Introduction of the citizens of their basic human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and law
– Fostering a genuine sense of mutual assistance
– Promoting European values and principles
– Affirmation of fundamental human rights and freedoms
– Encourage young people to unite in a truly independent organizations outside from the political parties influences
– Initiate diversity, discussion and creation of critical consciousness
– Stimulate and restore youth interest in crafts
– Fight against hate speech and ethnic differences, religious and political grounds
– Increasing the mobility of young
– Encourage enthusiasm and initiative among young
– Scan the needs of youth in the field of youth issues and cultural life and their information
– Preparing youth to achieve their goals
– Expanding access to various forms of social protection
– Volunteering and internships
– Integration and socialization of young marginalized groups in society