Name of organisation/institution:
Eco Logic

Type of structure:

Skopje, R.Macedonia

Short description:
The project „Education on energy“ purpose is educating children at age of 10-14 in elementary schools about education on topics such as energy efficiency, climate changes and sustainable living through creative theoretical and practical examples.

Target group:

Age of participants:
10 – 14 years old

Methods used:
The project consists of introduction of creative approaches and methods for non-formal learning about topics such as: energy efficiency, climate change and sustainable living. Through theory and practice the children will learn the importance of energy, how it is used by humans and what are the potential consequences of irrational usage of energy upon the environment. Within this project it is planned to introduce practical examples related to production of alternative energy, by the children themselves. This is realized with simple sets for production of energy, specially designed for educational purposes. In the same time with the practical learning and introduction of examples for production of energy and energy efficiency, the team of Eco Logic created didactic materials on the related topics such as climate change and sustainable living, in close context to the project and its learning objectives.

Practical arrangements used:
Didactic materials created for this project.
Materials needed for realizing of the workshops:  potatoes, zinc and copper electrodes, alligator clamps, piezoelectric buzzer, led diodes, multi-meter, batteries, water bucket, cork, plastic bottles, yarn, clamshell, stopwatch, used pizza box, aluminium paper, wrapping plastic paper, black paper.


The background of this project, was the lack of practical examples during the classical theoretical lectures related to energy as well as no practical examples on actions that a person/ children can apply in order to save energy.

Issues address:
Energy efficiency, climate changes and sustainable living through creative theoretical and practical examples. The project was realized in 20 elementary schools in the city of Skopje.

Increasing understanding and knowledge among children on topics: energy efficiency, climate change and sustainable living.
Introducing new and creative ways of learning for environment for youth, in formal educational institutions.

Impacts on youngsters:
The youngsters involved in this project increased their knowledge on sustainability, energy efficiency and climate change through innovative and creative ways of learning.

Supporters: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

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