Name of organisation/institution:
Eco Logic

Type of structure:

Skopje, R.Macedonia

Short description:
This activity/ event was part of the project „Education on energy“, realized by NGO Eco Logic. 7 school took part in this event. They were required to write and perform a play regarding the following subjects, in the form of a Forum Theater:

1. Energy inefficient / efficient home
2. Reduce CO2 emissions
3. Utilization of solar energy
4. Energy inefficient / efficient school
5. Making use of wind as a renewable energy source

Forum theater is a play or scene, usually indicating some kind of oppression, which is shown twice. During the replay, any member of the audience (‘spectator’) is allowed to shout ‘Stop!’ step forward and take the place of one of the oppressed characters, showing how they could change the situation to enable a different outcome.

Target group:

Age of participants:
10-14 years old

Methods used:
Forum Theater proved to be an effective way of deeper involvement of the participants in topics that are processed. Forum Theater as a method allows participants to experience a much deeper understanding of the problem which is the subject of discussion, the concepts and issues that surround it, and consider the various directions that lead to possible solutions and strategies for resolving it. This deeper understanding of the problem stems from the level of discussion which is directly involved in the process.

Practical arrangements used:
A stage, props for the plays.

By using Forum Theater as a tool, understandings of the topics of the environment can also be tested in a way that does not cause pressure as that of traditional testing. Forum Theater “demolishes” the barrier between performers and audience by placing them on the same level. It allows participants to try different ways of solving a problem that may be applicable in everyday life.

Issues address:
Energy efficiency, climate changes and sustainable living through creative and educational activities.

The main objective of the Forum Theater is to stimulate dialogue not only in the form of words but in the form of actions in order to show alternative ways that will allow participants to become protagonists of their own lives.

Impacts on youngsters:
Increase children’s knowledge on the above mention subjects, develop critical thinking, reduction of stage fright and public speaking, making social connections between the children.

Supporters: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

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