Name of organisation/institution:
Eco Logic

Type of structure:

Skopje, R.Macedonia

Short description:
Workshops, realized as part of the project „Education on energy“. During this workshops the children involved in them learned, through practical examples, how energy work, how it is produced, how it is used and the type of energy sources that exist. With various experiments the children learned the power of the water and the sun and that every living thing has energy inside them.

Target group:

Age of participants:
10 – 14 years old

Methods used:

The method that was used in this workshops was „Learning by doing“. The main objective of this method of teaching is to keep the children’s attention during the lectures and get the children to be more involved in the lecture, and not just listeners.

Practical arrangements used:
All of the workshops were done indoor.
Specific materials and tools used:
– Workshop “Electricity from potatoes”: potatoes, zinc and copper electrodes, alligator clamps, piezoelectric buzzer, led diodes, multi-meter, batteries.
– Workshop “The power of water”: water bucket, cork, plastic bottles, yarn, clamshell, stopwatch.
– Workshop “The power of the Sun”: used pizza box, aluminium paper, wrapping plastic paper, black paper

Throughout history, youths have been apprenticed to masters in order to learn a trade. Learning a skill means eventually trying your hand at the skill. Parents usually teach children in this way. They don’t give a series of lectures to their children to prepare them to walk, talk, climb, run, play a game, or learn how to behave. They just let their children do these things.

Issues address:
With this workshops the children were not only entertained but they also learned something new, in a new and creative way. Also, they were interacting with other children and developing their social skills. This workshops were realized in 20 elementary school in the city of Skopje, 1 children’s creative centre also in Skopje, and 1 rural school from Blatec, Vinica.

Maintaining the level of attention throughout the entire lecture
Retain greater amount of information than conventional lectures.
Increase the interaction between teachers and students, and among students themselves.

Impacts on youngsters:
Increases pupil’s engagement; creates interest; makes social connections.

Supporters: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

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hydro energy
energy from potatoes
solar oven from used pizza box