Name of organisation/institution:
Eco Logic

Type of structure:

Skopje, Macedonia

Short description of the activity:
Guardians of the Planet is a serial of broshures that NGO Eco Logic publishes. They are ment for children, age 10-14, primary school. The broshures are colorful, interesting, interactiv and above all educational. So far 4 episodes have been published:

– Guardians of the Planet, episode #1 – Discover the hidden ways of Recycling, Reducing and Reusing
– Guardians of the Planet, episode #2 – Air pollution, its causes and how to decrease it
– Guardians of the Planet, episode #3 – Let’s learn about energetic efficiency
– Guardians of the Planet, episode #4 – Sustainable development

Target group:
Children, primary school

Age of participants:
10-14 years old

Methods used:
Through interaction, mind puzzles and games for the kids, children get familiarized with the concept of climate changes, energy, air pollution, and get encouraged to practice everyday environmentally activities for sustainable living. The aim is to involve the children directly and try to use their imagination and interest for influencing the surrounding.

Practical arrangements used:
All you need are the brochures. 

Guardians of the Planet” started as a part of a project that NGO Eco Logic realized. The first brochure was such a success that NGO Eco Logic continued publishing new and thematically different brochures concerning different topics and environmental problems. 

Issues addressed:
So far the following issues have been addressed:

  • Recycling, reusing and reducing
  • Air pollution
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable development

Objectives of the project:
The main objective is to show the environmental problems in a way that children can easily understand and thus learn something new through colorful, interesting and interactive way.

Impacts on youngsters:
Increases pupils engagement;  creates interest;  social connections

Supporters: Municipality of Karposh, Skopje, R.Macedonia; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

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Episode 1
Episode 1


Episode 2
Episode 2


Episode 3
Episode 3


Episode 4
Episode 4